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Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool Latest Version (2020)


Download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool latest version for free. Link is given at the end of this article. If you have any Xiaomi Mi smartphone and you want to flash its stock firmware (ROM), the this the perfect tool you will be needed.

This tool is totally safe and secure as it is a product of Xiaomi Company. Do you know what does FLASHING an android means? If you don't know about Flashing, please go to OPPO FLASHING TOOL. In that article, we have explained what does flashing means.

Please note that, this tool is designed for only Mi devices with Qualcomm or Mediatek Chipset. Mi Flashing Tool is used in installing any ROM into your Mi Smartphone manually, using your PC. It uses the method of Fastboot, which means all the data of your phone will be wiped out. So remember to save your important files from your phone before flashing it. 

Although Xiaomi Flash Tool has builtin USB drivers. In case, your device is not recognized by PC, you can install Xiaomi Mi USB Drivers manually. If you don't have USB drivers, you can download them from here.

Benefits of Flashing:

Someone may ask why do I need to flash any device? Why flashing is required? So the simplest answer to this question is that your device will work smoothly after flashing. Sometimes, you may face some unknown issues or bugs in your device, so flashing it will fix those issues. Whether you have an Mi Mobile phone, Tablet or Smart TV, you can use this tool to flash it. 

Before flashing, you must have adequate knowledge about it. 

Download Link:

Note that we are providing our visitors with link to download the tool for free. We have listed all the versions, you can download any one of your choice. The installation method is very simple, you will be able to easily install it. 

Enough words, now you can download Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool Latest Version from the links below. The tool is all yours!

  1. Download    MiFlashTool20200314 (Latest)           
  2. Download    MiFlashTool20191206                                             
  3. Download    MiFlashTool20191111


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